237 Providence Road, South Grafton, Massachusetts 01560, United States

(508) 839-3016

237 Providence Road South Grafton, MA 01560

237 Providence Road South Grafton, MA 01560



 Holiday SITS GiveAway Event 

 $40,000 in #Equestrian Brand #Shopping Sprees. SITS #Holiday Independent #Tack Store Nationwide Retailers Event  NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 2. By walking in the store you will get free raffle tickets to be entered  to win part of $40,000 in $50 and $250 shopping sprees from English  & #Western. #horse #smallbusiness #shoplocal #ShopGraftonMA  #tackstore #tackshop #localtackshop #cowboy #barnlife #equestrian 

November 30, 2018 - 10:00 AM

November 30, 2018 - 10:00 AM


"Everything For Horse & Rider!"


English & Western Tack & Apparel, Gifts, Grooming & Supplements, Farrier Supplies & More!

  The Saddle Shed carries an extensive selection of horse equipment,  accessories, and tack. Whether you are a rider, or an enthusiastic  equestrian buff and collector, we have something in stock that will  pique your interest. Our store is a site for the eyes, stocked top to  bottom with new and exciting items in every nook and crannie! Our  courteous and professional staff is always ready to answer questions and  address any concerns you might have. Many of the items in our store  someone on our staff has used, making their help to you a valuable and  informative one.
With 50 years of experience behind us, we know a lot  about what our customers are looking for! We are always happy to share  our knowledge with others.And most importantly: All of our products are  reasonably and competitively priced. 


Farrier Supplies Full Line

We offer a full line of farrier supplies including forges, anvils, tools, horseshoes,nails etc.


Services: Consignment & Blanket Cleaning/Repair

We take consignment tack, saddles, clothing, blankets and more! Why not clean out your garage or tack trunk and sell what you don't need!

We also offer a blanket cleaning and repair service through our retail shop.  Blankets are picked up every Tuesday and returned one week later.  *Blankets must be bagged when dropped off please. 

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The Saddle Shed

237 Providence Road, Rte 122, South Grafton, MA 01560, us

(508) 839-3016

Store Hours:

Additional Holiday Hours in December:  Sundays before Christmas Open Noon to 4pm.

 Closed for vacation the week of July 4th and Presidents Day week in February.